Mobile App and Web Design

Brief & idea.

The company wanted to update their landing page, product page, and mobile app. The interface was changed to accommodate the need for customers to easily access the catalogs and promotional products. In order to increase customer engagement, we added a feedback and rating section.

Added an additional discount page where customers would see limited promotional items. The idea behind it was to present regular customers with incentives to follow promotions regularly. This increased both the sales conversion rates, overall traffic, and brand awareness.


I included an App that would include most of the website’s features. The app is for both B2C and B2B company clients.

Depending on whether it’s a company or customer profile the fields are dynamically populated to reflect the user’s preferences. The features of the app are tailored so that users can search for a product in the most convenient way possible specifically for them.

There is a QR code scanner embedded in the app so that clients can scan items from the physicals catalogue or scan items from inside showrooms or stores. The second feature is a product level search field with category or product suggestions.

The app has additional sections for seasonal or country-based promotions as well as access to a digitized version of the catalogue with links to the product cards.

The Users experience is tailored so that on a deeper interaction level customers can view product descriptions, get suggestions for other products in the same category and well as have to access to the main app features as quick access buttons. The prototype is for the guided version of the app, with overlay instructions of how to use the app with new users in mind.



Rosen Markov


Elmark Industries


Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Design, UX | UI



February, 2019


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