App A Van

Brief & idea.

Had to refresh the company’s look and feel. I was tasked with creating the Web Design layout, Wire framing and improve the overall User Experience.


A sister company to European moving. App A Van provides customers with information on the benefits of moving to a particular country or city.

The project was to accommodate a large pool of text and present it in a modern way that will also compliment additional SEO efforts.

The field structure is with both static and dynamically populated fields. Since it’s use was as a Landing Page it had to both provide general company info as well as have fields that will be just for that specific location.

The UI is a template that the content creators can then populate with the information they want to add. The users are provided with a lot of information that will help them on their decision to move. The information is presented in a neat and structured way. The text fields are toggled based on the customer’s preferences and what information they want displayed, weather it be for health care, jobs, transportation or other information that will sway them to move.

There is additional functionality added so that customers can get and instant quote with fields in the form dynamically populated based on the page the customer is looking at. In the example “Moving to Glasgow” the moving to location field is “Glasgow” and the moving from location is dynamically populated based on the customer’s IP address.


Rosen Markov


App A Van


Branding, Graphic Design, UX | UI, Web Design


May, 2019


Case Study

Showing the impact difference between the previous Black and White Design and adding Yellow as an accent color. The bright yellow was chosen because it’s both impactful and it appears in the transport industry often – signs, markings.

Preview of the Desktop Landing Page.

Desktop Navigation Elements.

Preview of the Mobile Landing Page.

Mobile Navigation Elements.

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