Casino Website

Brief & idea.

The Project was to design a new casino website interface. It includes modules displaying data valuable to the customer.

The main aim is to help visitors find a selection of online gambling sites which satisfy their needs. The app helps them to compare features, advantages and disadvantages.

The project involved product data analysis of existing casino pages and doing research on how to improve the user flow, the conversion rates as well as provide the end user with the best possible data in the most convenient way possible. The end user would be able to compare different factors such as the jackpot, the win / lose ration on specific games as well as have access to a vast pool of information so they are aware of all odds and risks involved with online gambling.

There are additional prompts to promote user interaction such as timed sign ups to trigger subscriptions to newsletters, dynamic data fields are populated based on client location, IP as well as additional user data to show either the nearest casino, the ones with the highest jackpots, the online casinos with the biggest bonuses and other data. The idea was to populate the fields based on the user’s other search results and interests listed in their social media profiles.

The overall user experience promotes sign up and the benefit the users have are the ease of use, the customization of the information they’d want to get as well as easy and secure way to gamble online.


Rosen Markov




Web Design, UX | UI, Graphic Design


February, 2019


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