AAV - Profile

App A Van – Web Design

App A Van Web Desing Brief & idea. Crated Landing Pages as well as Wire framed the existing design interface. Design Rosen Markov Client App A Van Services UX | UI, Web Design, Graphic Design Date May, 2019 Teaser of the New Upcoming Website. PagesHome PageCustomer Job PostingTransporter Job DetailsTransporter Job ListTransporter Message InboxTransporter Chat Check out more ...
AAV - Desktop Preview

App A Van – Redesign

App A Van ReBranding Brief & idea. Had to refresh the company's look and feel. I was tasked with creating the Web Design layout, Wire framing and improve the overall User Experience. A sister company to European moving. App A Van provides customers with information on the benefits of ...
Sellfer - Cover


Sellfer Cover Design Brief & idea. The task was to create a static cover designs, icons and an animated video incorporating the static design elements to display the company's product feature. Design Rosen Markov Client Sellfer Services Branding, Graphic Design Date March, 2020 The final video cover. color schemes for logo the intro and outro. The separate static ...
Pizza Bar Capris - Cover

Pizza Bar Capris – Web Design

Pizza Bar Capris Web Design Brief & idea. Capris is a local Pizza, Bar and Grill establishment.My task was to update their web design so that it aligns with their new brand design. The main goal was tot drive more traffic to the website itself and make it ...
Elmark - Cover - Rosen Markov

Elmark – Web Design, UX UI

ELMARK Mobile App and Web Design Brief & idea. The company wanted to update their landing page, product page, and mobile app. The interface was changed to accommodate the need for customers to easily access the catalogs and promotional products. In order to increase customer engagement, we added ...
ELMARK - Cover - Rosen Markov

Elmark – Presentation Screens

ELMARK Presentation Screens Brief & idea. The core idea of the project is to create as simple and elegant design interface for a presentation station. It has to be intuitive and simple enough for anyone to use with ease.The main welcome screen shows a preview of the featured ...
Casino Website - Feature - Rosen Markov

Casino Website – UX | UI

Casino Website UX | UI Brief & idea. The Project was to design a new casino website interface. It includes modules displaying data valuable to the customer. The main aim is to help visitors find a selection of online gambling sites which satisfy their needs. The app helps them ...
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